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Name: Rick Evans

Background: About the age of 3 I started out as a drummer, building my own drum-kit of mom´s old coffee cans. Got my first real drum-kit at 10 and started join metal bands, but to make sure everybody could see me (especially the girls) I began to sing and play guitar. There where many good guitar players around so I had to play bass instead to get good gigs, but I´m still in the front on stage. Bands and members went by until I found two great lunatics at the gym who could help me form GABRIA.

Influences: Bands: KISS, Bon Jovi & Slade, Singers: Paul Stanley, Noddy Holder & Eric Martin, Bassists: Jim Lea, John Entwistle & Billy Sheehan.

Equipment: Epiphone Flying-V Bass with EMG pick-ups and checker plate pick-guard, Line 6 POD XT Pro & JTS Wireless system and microphones.

Song: Rock And Roll All Nite (And Party Everyday)
In the CD now: GABRIA - What else?
Food: I Scream - Ice Cream!!!
Quote: Ztüka!