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Name: Hank Black

Background: Started my way to the stars by the age of 6. All mom´s jars and cans was setup like a drum-kit in front of the TV. Together with Animal I played along with the intro of "The Muppet Show". This went on for years and when the 10th pair of knitting-sticks where broken my mom and dad had enough and bought me a real drum-kit. Then the drum-school went on and after some years of hard, sweaty hitting on the drums I joined different bands, from symphonic orchestras to metal-bands.

Influences: Metallica, Mike Mangini, Tommy Aldridge, The Refreshments, Whitesnake, Eddie Meduza, Straycats, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Helloween, Sepultura, Lars Ulrich.

Equipment: Pearl WLX 2x22", 10", 12", 14", 16" with Freefloating system, 14" Brass Snare, Paiste Signature, Zildjian A Custom and Stagg cymbals. Evans Hydraulic, Resonant, EQ4 and EQ3. Ahead Lars Ulrich signature sticks, Hardcases from Rockbag. Shure D112, Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Bellman & Symfon Hearing Protectors ER-15.

Song: Mr. Ego
Band: Metallica
In CD now: Eddie Meduza
Food: Miced meat-sause with spaghetti